Searching hole-electron substitutional dopants for TCO technologies

The combination of optical transparency and high electrical conductivity enables transparent conductive oxide (TCO) materials to be used for a wide range of applications -from simple smart window coatings to OLEDs and futuristic see-through displays.  Doped tin-dioxide (SnO2) is an important semiconductor that is already used for these applications. However, in order to uncover the entire potential of this material in more advanced applications of  optoelectronics further improvements in electrical properties are necessary.

We conducted an extensive search for useful substitutional dopants of SnOfor which a novel and well-converged protocol was used. The entire periodic chart was scanned for stable charges and hole-electron dopants.  Our finding are in excellent agreement with current known dopants, besides we predicted other possible substitutional dopants that have been not experimentally examined to date.

This work has been just accepted (link here) and appeared in Chemistry of Materials.