Computing allocation in CSCS granted for my project !

Our first computing grant was just accepted by the CSCS!

Last year I submitted a project requesting for 700 thousand computing nodes hours to run an exploration over hundreds of molecules. These systems are candidates to test under pressure, and upon doping for the potential to become high temperature superconductors. Last march 24th (2017) our request was accepted and the entire allocation was granted for a period of two years.

The computer is Piz Daint, the fastest supercomputer in Europe and 8 ranked world wide. This supercomputer is hosted by the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre(Italian: Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico; CSCS) which is the national high-performance computing centre of Switzerland  (Lugano-Cornaredo).

The interest of this project is double-fold goal, not only we aim to elucidate which systems are the best candidates to be synthesized and achieve room temperature superconductivity, but the throughout of the investigation will generate data that will be used to train machines to learn the “physics behind”. The second part of  this research is conducted by the expertise of our collaborators from the Chemical department, next door here in the University of Basel.

Stay tuned! coming months surely we will have exciting news !