First Superhydrides meeting in Rome

In past May (2016) I attended the first edition of the International Workshop in “Superhydrides  Towards Room Temperature Superconductivity: Hydrides and More” . This was a very important meeting because it gathers the world-wide experts (experimentalists and theoreticians) in this matter. The urgent of the meeting was motivated by the 200 K superconductivity discovered only few months ago.

The venue was the CNR headquarters in Rome. Needless to says that I have been never disappointed by the quality of the food, and the Italian lifestyle, besides that I could  have the chance to practice my Italian.   I have had great discussions with many good friends also attending the workshop and I also had the opportunity to show my latest results. The great outcome is that now I have a nice collaboration with a world-leading experimentalist group in superhydrides. Stay tuned for, hopefully nice and exciting results !

Superhydrides meeting in Rome