Lindau Nobel Laureate Physics Meeting 2016

Probably one of the most excited week of my life. For many reasons and in many contexts that week in Lindau was simply: magical. After the semester ends, and with new projects in hands, with two nice papers ready to submit, summer that knocks the door, and personally ready to turn on the page.  All these ingredients were put in a big pot: Lindau together with nice weather, superb small Bavarian town and hosted by a wonderful local family. I did good friends and met super bad-ass smart people. I had keratosis pilaris (or chicken skin) when I saw for the first time 29 Nobels just there in front (couple of meters). Ensemble of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra play intro and a repertoire of nice melodies. An <speechless> speech by the President of Austria who shared his memories with Austrian scientists who were close friends.

All these memories I will take it with me, as much as I can and as a long as I can. Those feelings are special, not only provide further understanding of how I work, but also how humans do. We are such “complex machines” with intricate thoughts, outburst of anger, rush of tenderness, spams of fears yet banal, at the time sophisticated.

For over a week I scout patiently and listen to each of the Nobels. Carefully selected my questions and privately or publicly asked. I would like to share some of the pictures I took either with Nobel laurates or with good friend I had the pleasure to met.


Panel Discussion: Glimpses Beyond the Standard Model with Professors Chu, Gross, Kajita, Rubbia, CERN experts (live video) and moderator F. Pauss.


Keynote of Prof. Roy J. Glauber


Personal archive (photos) Prof. Glauber. Left: Pauli (Switzerland playing football) Right: Heisenberg and Pauli looking at top spinning.


Left: Prof. Kajita (we had dinner together).  Prof. Josephson,  and bottom: Prof. Deisenhofer (we also had dinner together).


Left: Marie-Curie delegation preselected by the European Union. Right: young scientist from India delegation.