Welcome to my website! Thank you for being here. 

My name is José A. Flores-Livas, and I work as an Assistant Professor (RTD-A) in the Department of Physics at the Sapienza University of Rome. On this website, you can find information about my field of study, presentations, science outreach information and links related to my research. The content on the website is in constant rotation and updated. I hope you will enjoy it and let me know any suggestion to improve it!


Interview by RCS for the Holy Grails in Science

I had the great pleasure to be invited to contribute to the excellent article on Holy Grails in Science by RCS Chemistryworld (https://www.chemistryworld.com/).  See the original link: https://www.chemistryworld.com/holy-grails    The interview was by JENNIFER NEWTON on Sept. 2020 (original interview here)   ‘Contrary to an experimentalist, the only thing I need is a very comfy …

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Selected as an Emerging leader by the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

I am very honoured to be selected as one of the Emerging leaders by the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter in its Edition of 2019.  Accordingly to the guidance, “Exceptional candidates, top research on different fields in Condensed Matter Physics, with a prospect career are nominated by the editorial board of the Journal”. The following …

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Scientific visit to Japan spring-2020!

During February (2020), I visited various top-research institutes in Japan. I gave three seminars and one small crash-course on computational methods for structure prediction. I visited Prof. Ishiwata’s group in Osaka, Prof. Arita’s at The University of Tokyo, Hongo campus and RIKEN in Saitama and Dr’s Tadano group at NIMS in Tsukuba. This was my …

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Quantum fluctuations stabilize high-temperature superconductors

Supercomputers are indispensable in the research of superconductors, materials in which electricity flows without loss. Using simulations on CSCS supercomputer ‘Piz Daint’, an international team of researchers has now shown that physics has not been sufficiently considered in the study of superconductors made of so-called hydrides. February 6, 2020 – by Simone Ulmer  (This post …

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