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About me

About me 

El Potrero Chico N.L. Mexico.

I am originally from the north of Mexico, the state of Coahuila (place of flying serpent, in Nahuatl). It is pretty much a desert. 

In Europe, I enjoy the diversity of weathers, cultures, and languages. I take advantage of everything related to cold, rain, mountains, trees and snow. My camera rarely leaves my side. Well, to be honest, I only enjoy the rain when it is in the desert, and cold when there is a lot of snow and a good warm-wine and raclette cheese! Or Now that I live in Rome, the pizza Romana is making a struggle on my health, hehe. 

I would add that I am passionate about good food as well as enjoying cooking. I am fluent in French, Italian, Spanish, and my skills in Schwiiizerdütsch started to overpass the German one. My hobbies are among others are biking, climbing and take care of plants. I have a collection of plants. I grow plants and flowers from dahlias to the most exotic and law-permitted Cactaceae. 

I am probably an accomplished intermediate level climber. I love rock and mountaineering sports. When is the indoor, session I climb pretty regularly, around 10 hours per week? Chances are high that you will catch me up in a local climbing gym, or when I visit other countries –a visit to the local gym is almost mandatory. This picture was taken when free climbed one of the longest sport climbing route in America, 23 pitches with 600 meters of a sheer flat wall. It took us me more than 8 hours up and other 3 and a half going down.