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2009-2012 PhD Physics, Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée, Lyon, France.

2007–2008 Master Thesis, Universidad Autonóma de Nuevo León, Monterrey, México.

2002-2007 BS in Physics, Universidad Autonóma de Nuevo León, Monterrey, México. Record: 87 /100.

Research Experience

[September 2017 – Currently ] MARVEL funds my postdoc at UniBas, Machine learning, quantum Materials,  

[May 2015 – Augst 2017] Postdoc, with University of Basel stependium, Prof. Goedecker. Structure prediction, tutoring 2 PhD students. 

[January 2013 – April 2015] Marie Curie scholarship, Max-Planck-Institute, Prof. E. K. U. Gross. Magnetism, superconductivity, LAPW+lo method.

[October – December 2012]  Postdoc, University of Lyon 1, Prof. Marques. Theoretical Raman spectra, carbon under pressure.

[Sep. 18th 2012] PhD defense1 Computational and experimental studies of sp3 materials at high pressure. Committee: Prof. X. Gonze, Prof. A. Romero.

[March 2012]  Experiments of Raman scattering on superconductors under pressure. ENS, University Paris 6, Sud.

[April 2011] ARPES measurements at synchrotron Soleil, beamline Cassiopée. Fermi surface of silicides.

[December 2009] Neutron scattering measurements at Orphee reactor CEA, Saclay. 3 axis spectrometer on clathrates.

[September 2009]  Started PhD (CONACyT Mexican scholarship) at the Université de Lyon 1, Prof. Marques and Dr. Pailhes as experimental  co-advisor.

[2008 – 2009] Researcher at CIIDIT- UANL México. Developed experimental atomic layer deposition (ALD) and pulse-laser-deposition (PLD) techniques.

[June 13th 2008] Master defense Structure determination of AuPd icosahedral nanoparticles: experimental and computational studies.

[July – December 2007] Scientific internship, synthesis of zeolites (Faujosite) by Sol-Gel technique at the laboratory of thermochemistry (FCFM UANL).

[June – July 2007] Summer internship at CINVESTAV-Mérida. Synthesized photovoltaic CdS/CdTe thin films. Dr. Juan Luis Peña Chapa.

 [1] French system of Universities not longer confer levels of Latin honors, or degrees for dissertations such as “summa cum laude”. Rather they provide a detailed description of both, the defense (oral) and the overall PhD work. This document is used as qualification and serves to interpret the candidate’s success. You can read mine here: Rapport-Soutenance_Flores-Livas (it is obviously written in French).


Teaching Experience

  • Tutoring courses (exercise problem and solution) at University of Basel, varying from electrodynamics, computational physics, Montecarlo methods and fortran. (Sept. 2015 to date, each semester).
  • Teach DFT and the hands session for day 1 (compiling and basic ground state calculation) and day 2 (Magnetism and relativistic calculations) at the “Electronic structure at the cutting edge with the Elk code” (August 10, 2015 to August 14, 2015) Location : CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • One semester imparting laboratory courses (experimental) 80 hrs. Subjects: fundamental physics (First year of BS), electromagnetism (Second year of BS) and digital-circuits (3 year of engineering). Courses in Spanish at faculty of Physics of the Universidad Autonóma de Nuevo León (2009).
  • Course: Atomic force microscopy: Introduction, theory and hands-on. Imparted on the international workshop of nanoscience-division of Mexican society of physics,May 2009. Duration: 8 hours .


Presentations at conferences, invited talks, seminars and keynotes (30)

  • Invited talk: at the International Workshop on Electronic Structure of Superconductors and Novel Materials, Sapienza Universita’ di Roma, “Superconductivity in doped hydrides at high pressure” Rome. May 24, 2018 (Website).
  • Oral contribution: “Novel Rare-Earth Magnetic Nitride Perovskites” at the American Physical Society meeting , Los Angles CA. March 7th, 2018.
  • Seminar: at NanoPhononics group UniBasel “Designing Quantum Materials” (Feb. 5th,  2018).
  • Seminar: at MARVEL Junior Seminar “Computational screening of useful hole-electron dopants in SnO2 ” (Nov. 9th,  2017).
  • Invited talk: at the 652 WE-Heraeus “Ab initio Electronic Structure Theory in the 21st Century” Germany. October 2017 (Website is here).
  • Flash and highlighted presentation: “Interplay between structure metastability and superconductivity in elemental P”  MARVEL retreat September 2017.
  • Keynote: “Cutting edge structure prediction methods and in silico materials design”  YRM-2017 ( ETSF) Spain, June 2017.
  • Flash and highlighted presentation: “Computational design of novel sulfide-type superconductors” at MARVEL retreat April 2017.
  • Invited talk: “Fully ab-initio description and prediction of novel materials under high pressure” SMEC conference, April 2017.
  • Seminar: presented the group of Prof. Umrigar at Cornell University. “Doped ice under pressure” (March 28th, 2017).
  • Oral contribution: “Emergence of superconductivity in H2O” at the American Physical Society (APS) New Orleans, March 2017.
  • Oral contribution: “Emergence of superconductivity in ice at high pressure” at TRNM IX  Levi, Finland (2017). Program
  • Seminar: “Emergence of superconductivity in ice at high pressure”. Atomistic seminar series at University of Basel (Sept. 19, 2016).
  • Presentation in the 2nd. review of MARVEL project about my research in hydrogen compounds under pressure, Lausanne  Switzerland April 2016.
  • Oral contribution: “Superconductivity in metastable phases of P-H compounds” at the American Physical Society (APS) Baltimore, March 2016.
  • Oral contribution: “Superconductivity in intercalated group-IV honeycomb structures” at the DPG-Frühjahrstagungen Berlin, 2015.
  • Oral contribution: “Computational search for rare-earth-free hard-magnetic materials” at the DPG-Frühjahrstagungen Berlin, 2015.
  • Oral contribution: “Computational search for rare-earth-free hard-magnetic materials” at the American Physical Society (APS) San Antonio, March 2015.
  • Oral contribution: “Computational search for energy materials: rare-earth-free hard-magnetic materials.” at TRNM VIII Levi Finland 2015.
  • Seminar: “Computational search for rare-earth-free hard-magnetic materials” in Prof. Gohda’s in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. (Jan. 20, 2015).
  • Seminar: “Crystal prediction: Novel hard-magnetic materials”  at University of Basel, Prof. Goedecker’s Basel, Nov. 27, 2014.
  • Oral contribution: “Phonon-driven superconductivity in group-IV layered superconductors” at the EHPR Meeting in Lyon, France. 7-12 September 2014.
  • Oral contribution: “High-throughput computational search for bulk materials with an enhanced MAE” at IMRC XXIII, August Cancún, México 2014.
  • Oral contribution: “High-throughput computational search for hard-magnetic materials: ExMaMa project” at the DPG-Frühjahrstagungen Dresden 2014.
  • Talk: at CFCAM meeting on pseudopotentials. About my contribution to the Delta project February, Paris 2014 (Science paper).
  • Invited talk: “Designing new materials from first principles: Computational and experimental results.” Abinit Workshop Developers 2013, France 2013.
  • Talk: “First Principle Design of superhardmagntes” MPI-Cooperation between Dresden and Halle, held at Goslar, Germany 2013.
  • Oral contribution: “Enhancing the superconducting transition temperature of BaSi2 by structural tuning.” at IMRC XX, Cancún, México 2011.
  • Oral contribution: “Structure determination of AuPd Icosahedral nanoparticles from: Experimental to computational results.” at IMRC XVIII,  México 2009.
  • “Structural and electrical properties of ZnO ultra-thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition.” at IMRC XVIII, Cancún, México 2009.


Poster presentations (16)

  • “Interplay between structure metastability and superconductivity in elemental P” at MARVEL retreat, Lausanne Sept. 2017 (selected as best poster).
  • “Machine learning for superconductors” at MARVEL 3rd review, Lausanne April 2017.
  • “Hydrogen compounds under pressure” at MARVEL 2nd review, Lausanne April 2016.
  • “Superconductivity of H3S and H3Se compounds” at PSI-K (2015) San sebastian, September 2015.
  • “Phonon-mediated superconductivity in carbides, disilicides and germanides” at IMRC XXIII Cancun Mexico 2014.
  • “Magnetic anisotropy calculations” at Strong electron correlation effects in complex d- and f-based materials workshop, Prague, Czech July 2014.
  • “Hard magnets by computing design” at TRNM VII Levi, Finland February 2014. Program.
  • “Designing New Superhardmagnets from First Principles”. ELK workshop (summer school) at CECAM-EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland. July 2013.
  • “Improving the electron-phonon interaction in layered disilicides” IMRC XX Cancún, México 2011 (2nd place of best poster contest).
  • “Ab-initio calculations on thermoelectric properties of AEM-disilicides” G.D.R. de Thermoélectricité at Université Paris-Sud á Orsay, France. July 2011.
  • “Clathrates compounds under extreme conditions” Symposium W. (MRS) Spring Meeting at San Francisco, U.S.A. 2010.
  • “Self assembling growth of ZnO ultra thin films by atomic layer deposition” at IMRC XVIII Cancún México 2009 (1st place of best poster contest).
  • “AuPd nanoparticles from: experiment to computational results” 1st Symposium of CIIDIT, Monterrey México, 2009 (1st place of best poster contest).
  • “Gold/palladium nanoparticles in flight thermal annealing. (MRS) Spring Meeting at San Francisco, U.S.A. 2009.
  • “Morphological studies of AuPd-nanoparticles” at  IMRC XVII Cancún México, 2008 (1st place of best poster contest).
  • “First stages of CdTe thin film deposit by CSVT.” XXVII Mexican Material and surfaces, Oaxaca México, 2007.


 Schools, courses and workshop attended (no poster presented)

  • International superhydrides workshop: Towards Room Temperature Superconductivity: Hydrides and More.  Rome, 2016

  • Workshop on Atomistic Structures and Tutorial Hands-on-FPLO. Held in Dresden (2013).
  • CECAM abinit school: Theoretical spectroscopy lectures: theory and codes. CECAM-EPFL, held at Lausanne, Switzerland. May 2011.
  • CAMD Summer school: Electronic structure theory and materials design, august 14-20, 2010 at DTU Denmark, Lyngby (2.5 ECTS credits).
  • Internship on advanced techniques of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and tunneling spectroscopy. Sponsored by Veeco instruments, held in the University of Texas at San Antonio (U.T.S.A.) U.S.A. May 2008.


Awards and Recognition

  • Poster selected as one of the best in the MARVEL retreat, Switzerland 2017.
  • Selected among a thousands of candidates to attend the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Physics meeting (2016). Spend a week with 30 Nobels laureates
  • Award: Project “ExMaMa” funding by EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie (EU-IEF 329386) of 161,968.80 Euro 2013.
  • Award of Max-Planck stipendium for post-doctoral in the Theory Department of Prof. Dr. E. K. U. Gross. Germany.
  • Second place in the best poster presentation contest (IMRC-XX, 2011). Mexico
  • Award: Scholarship to attend the MRS spring meeting in San Francisco U.S.A. (2010).
  • First place in the best poster presentation contest (IMRC-XVIII, 2009). Mexico.
  • Award: Scholarship of excellence by CONACyT-México to pursuit my PhD studies (2009) (National council for science and technology in México).
  • First place in the best poster presentation at the “First Symposium of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation” celebrated in CIIDIT México (May-2009). I won my first laptop.
  • Award: Scholarship to attend the MRS spring meeting in San Francisco U.S.A. (2009).
  • First place in the best poster presentation contest (IMRC-XVII, 2008).
  • First place for high performance grades, faculty of physics (2007) Monterrey, Mexico.
  • First place in science fair at faculty of physics on category of experiments: development of an apparatus to measure the velocity of sound and its variation in temperature (2006).


Supercomputer allocations granted for my projects

  • CSCS granted my project with more than 700,000 node hours in (Piz Daint) supercomputer Switzerland (fastest computer in Europe) to explore high-temperature superconductors (March 2017).
  • Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences granted our project with more than 2.6 millions of CPU (SuperMUC) hours to build a data base of Materials at high pressure , Germany (May 2018).


Reviewing project and articles

Reviewer of more than 26 manuscripts for the following journals:  Phys. Rev. X, Nanoscale (RSC), Journal Phys. Condens. Matter., Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Communications Chemistry, Scientific Reports, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, The European Journal of  Physics B.,  Journal:  Inorganic Chemistry,  Annalen der Physik, Computational Materials Science, Carbon, PCCP (RSC) and reviewer of C.E.A. projects (France).



  • English 547 points in TOEFL (Certificated). 
  • French level tested B2 (Certificated).
  • German B1 (No certificated).
  • Italian B1 (No certificated).
  • Mexican Spanish (Castilian) mother language.



Google scholar (link) Research Gate (link) ORCID: 0000-0002-4183-1316

Civil status single, born 1985 in San Pedro Coahuila, Mexican citizenship. Read more about me.