Miglė Graužinytė (PhD student)

Originally from Lithuania, she completed her undergraduate and Master studies in Physics at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on computational modelling of defects in oxides. She collaborates actively with experimental groups and is especially interested in programming and teaching. In her spare time she enjoys equally indoor/outdoor sports and pubs.





Deb Sankar De (PhD student)

is from India (Krishnagar W.B.) and completed undergrad Krishnagar and master at Jawaharlal Nehru University (J.N.U) New Delhi. After doing an internship in Germany decided to pursuit PhD in Europe.  Deb palette’s of modelling  is rich, it uses density-functional theory to simulate big systems (hundreds of atoms). His interests is in clusters, fullerenes,  reconstruction of 2D layers, bulks oxides, etc.  Outside of university,  Deb enjoys walks, dark-philosophy (is a keen pessimist) and enjoys equally, good and bad wine.



José A. Flores Livas is doing his second Post-doc at the Theoretical Department of the University of Basel (Switzerland). First Post-Doc was at the Max-Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics (Germany).  He received his PhD. in Physics at Université de Lyon 1 (France) and undergrad and master studies in Physics at Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (Mexico).

About me

About me: I’m originally from north of Mexico (pretty much a desert over there) the state of Coahuila (“place of flying serpent”). In Europe I enjoy the diversity of weathers, cultures, and languages;  take advantage of everything that is related to cold, rain, mountains, threes and snow. My camera rarely leaves my side. Well to be …


Education 2009-2012 PhD Physics, Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée, Lyon, France. 2007–2008 Master Thesis, Universidad Autonóma de Nuevo León, Monterrey, México. 2002-2007 BS in Physics, Universidad Autonóma de Nuevo León, Monterrey, México. Record: 87 /100.   Research Experience [September 2017 – Currently ] MARVEL funds my postdoc at UniBas, …