The team

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20200219_162119 Tonghua Yu (former master student at the University of Tokyo, Prof. Arita) 

He is originally from China, and he is studying his master at the University of Tokyo. I co-supervised his research project on first-principles design of halide-reduced electrides from magnetism and to topological phases. He just started his PhD at RIKEN. 


From the Period of 2015 to 2019

Dr Miglė Graužinytė (former PhD student Prof. Goedecker)

Originally from Lithuania, she completed her undergraduate and Master studies in Physics at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on computational modelling of defects in oxides. She collaborates actively with experimental groups and is especially interested in programming and teaching. In her spare time, she enjoys equally indoor/outdoor sports and pubs. She defended her thesis on 13 Dec 2018 and her work was awarded “Summa Cum Laude”.  You can read her thesis,Grauzinyte_Thesis_compressed.pdf

Dr Deb Sankar De (former PhD student Prof. Goedecker)

Deb is from India (Krishnagar W.B.) and completed undergrad Krishnagar and master at Jawaharlal Nehru University (J.N.U) New Delhi. After doing an internship in Germany decided to pursue a PhD in Europe.  Deb palette’s of modelling is abundant; it uses density-functional theory to simulate large systems (hundreds of atoms). His interests are in clusters, fullerenes,  reconstruction of 2D layers, bulks oxides, etc.  Outside of university,  Deb enjoys walks, dark-philosophy (is a keen pessimist) and enjoys equally excellent and bad wine. He defended his thesis work on 12 Dec 2018 and his work was awarded “Magna Cum Laude”.