To progress the research frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics, we require novel quantum materials. In particular with characteristics, such as unique photon-mediated interactions and coveted superconducting properties. For example, to reach a practical application of quantum computing, it is imperative to create novel platform-materials that host robust qubits.

My research involves the design, discovery and in silico engineer of quantum materials. It focuses on the interplay of defects, structure and doping in materials, properties that, if altered correctly, gives rise to the quantum nature of otherwise ordinary materials. I investigate topological superconductors, hydrogen-based superconductors and environmentally friendly materials such as transparent conductors. 

Structure prediction is the driven-force to accelerate the design of novel materials. We use theoretical/computational tools to access electronic and other properties on complex structures. We are also interested in developing algorithms to be exploited in high-throughput computational screening for new materials. Machine-learning and Artificial intelligence started to make a way in our research. We combine a broad array of methods and scales, and actively interact with other teams, in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the USA. As well as a few selected experimental teams.