Granted supercomputer project in Europe’s fastest supercomputer!

Our second computing grant in CSCS (Swiss National supercomputer) has been accepted.

For the following 2 years we will have access to 1.4 Million computing node hours in the fastest supercomputer in Europe!  This supercomputer is hosted by the Swiss National Supercomputing centre(Italian: Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico; CSCS)  which is the national high-performance  computing centre of Switzerland  (Lugano).
The project propose an important study of unconventional high-performance p-type transparent conductor materials. High-throughput studies are gaining increasing popularity as a tool for predicting p-type transparent conductors, however, the lack of appropriate descriptors make efficient screening of materials for this purpose challenging. Yet, in order to identify and validate novel descriptors, more robust data on non-oxide p-type transparent conductors is needed. Towards this goal, we suggest an in-depth investigation of p-type propensity of all recently speculated, but not experimentally verified, p-type TC materials through an exhaustive study of native defects. A subsequent optimization of the most promising materials through external doping, will allow us to mobilize the experimental community to follow up on the outputs of the high-throughput computational studies.
Stay tuned! coming months surely will be packed with exciting news !